The Method

College Money Method puts your college dream at the center of financial aid planning

If you’re like most families, you’re looking for answers to questions when it comes to affording college.

• Do I make too much money to qualify for financial aid?
• Exactly how much does my income and assets impact what I’m expected to pay?
• What are the best loan options if I need to borrow?
• How do I keep on track with other financial goals while paying college?

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the financial aid process, you’re not alone. The amount of forms and college-specific requirements turn the process into a frustrating, full-time job.  Learning all of the rules, deadlines and terms make it all that more difficult.

I’ll be with you as an advisor and expert every step of the way. Wherever you are in the process, I’ll meet you there and guide you toward your college dream.

I start with your college dream…

My method begins with a conversation focused on you. I work to understand what you want to achieve, and align my approach to make your college dream a reality.

…then understand how your financial situation impacts college aid awards

I use your financial details with the latest formulas from the FAFSA and CSS Profile to show you how your income and assets impact your Expected Family Contribution (EFC). My method eliminates the complexity around which assets count and don’t count, so you get it right.

Then, we work together on strategies around your income and assets to decrease your EFC and get more money from colleges before you even apply.  

I detail your cost for every college on your list…

It’s critical that you know what you will pay at every college before you apply. I give you detailed estimates of financial aid packages for every college on your list, along with a clear interpretation so there are no surprises.

Then, we work together to incorporate affordability into your college rankings, and set expectations early about what colleges are financially in reach. 

…and fill out all financial forms for you

I eliminate the stress of making errors in the sea of forms that need to be submitted. I make sure all your forms – FAFSA, CSS Profile – are accurate and submitted by each college’s deadline, so you can focus on the actual college application.  

As I double check for accuracy, I’ll make sure you are implementing every strategy to get the maximum amount of aid.

I research payment options, giving you choices to afford the rest…

You can plan ahead and understand the multiple payment options you may have over the next four years.  Based on your lifelong financial goals – debt reduction, retirement, etc… – I research and present multiple scenarios of how to pay for costs beyond grants and scholarships. 

When loans are needed, I provide you with the pros & cons of the various loan types to minimize the burden on your current situation and your child’s future income.

…and evaluate and help negotiate your award letters

Every college has its own way of presenting your financial aid package, making the award evaluation process confusing and hard to compare.  I review each award letter, and provide a detailed, side-by-side comparison outlining its impact on your financial plan. 

We work on ways to appeal and negotiate better awards using data about the college and other awards they have given to families like yours.

Together we create a renewed financial plan incorporating your college choice

We’ll work to create a renewed plan to meet your financial life goals, even with the added costs of college. You will leave with  knowledge of what tax breaks you can take to offset your costs, putting more money back toward your other financial goals.

I work with families like yours to make the college dream affordable.

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