Make your college
dream affordable
College Money Method helps you in every step of the financial aid process to achieve your college dream.

I’m Paul Martin

I’m a first generation college graduate and financial planner
who believes in the college dream.

I help students and families from all financial backgrounds to achieve their college dreams. Coming from a family that had never sent anyone to college before, I’m passionate about helping you win at the money part of college. 

My method – the College Money Method – breaks down the complex and overwhelming financial aid process and provides you with every “small win” to afford your college opportunity.

Together, we will…

Expand your choices in colleges

We figure out your affordability range, and I give you more college options within your reach. I use your specific financial situation and industry tools to determine what colleges expect you to pay.

Maximize the money you get in financial aid

You’ll learn the ways to increase your financial aid packages for your income level. I use guidelines established by the colleges themselves to provide you with “insider” knowledge on how to get more.

Develop a plan to pay the rest

You can achieve financial success while paying for college. I help you create a total money plan working on ways to afford your new college expenses and still enjoy life.

Whether you are starting the process in your Senior year or planning ahead, I’ll help you achieve your college dream.

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