Who I Work With

Every family is unique and deserves an individualized approach to the financial aid process.

Whether you’re beginning the process in your Senior year, or looking down the road to send multiple kids to college, I meet you where you’re at to create a plan together.

I bring the practice of financial planning to the college financial aid process to provide you with objective advice centered around your overall financial wellbeing. Working together, you will have an achievable plan for the money part of college, while keeping on track with your other financial goals.

I create a financial plan for college built around your family…

Two-income family

Most families start with the question: “With our income, how can we qualify for financial aid?” I bring you the insider knowledge of how colleges account for income and assets and guide you through the process to get more aid and to bring down your cost of college.

Single parent

The financial aid process is especially difficult when you’re doing it on your own. I guide you on how the system works for a single parent, how colleges account for money from a former spouse or partner, and what strategies get you the most financial aid on an individual income.

First-generation family

Going through the financial aid process for the first time is especially challenging.  New terms and detailed questions about finances can make you feel unprepared.  I’ve been there, and I provide you with step-by-step support to pursue your family’s dream of going to college.

We start from where you are in the process…

Starting Senior year

It’s not too late for you to get a plan together, and I have the method to do just that. I’ll evaluate colleges starting with your income to find those with the best financial aid packages. We’ll work together on payment options that match to your financial goals.

Beginning high school

The start of high school is the time when most families really think about affording college.  You don’t have to feel behind; you’re not. I’ll give you the framework to think ahead, set expectations, and create a financial plan to maximize your efforts during the high school years.

Planning ahead for multiple kids

Adding up the cost of college for 2, 3 or more children, the price tag can seem nearly impossible.  I’ll give you the understanding of how your financial aid amounts will be calculated and the best financial strategies you can use to plan ahead. You will be ready to afford every one of kids’ college dreams.

Start your plan to afford your college dream today.

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