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Counselor Resources

Video: Complete Video Walkthrough of 2023-24 FAFSA

This step-by-step walkthrough guides students and parents on how to complete this year’s FAFSA from the log-in screen to signature page.

It’s narrated primarily from the POV of a student completing the FAFSA. I’ve included chapters for each section, so that students and parents can go directly to the sections they need help on. It includes closed captioning, as well as Spanish and Haitian Creole subtitles.

Feel free to share or post on your resources page.

You can also download this student/parent checklist of the information and documents they will need to complete the FAFSA.

Video: FAFSA Changes: A Guide for Counselors

UPDATE: Department of Education announced that the rollout of FAFSA changes will take place for the 2024-25 Financial Aid Year.

There is a lot of buzz in the college counseling world about the upcoming changes to FAFSA. Sure, it’s shorter, but what do these changes actually mean for your families? Your single parents? Your families with multiple students? Your families currently on financial aid?

Watch this 23-minute video recap to learn how the new FAFSA will impact financial aid eligibility for your different family types. Instead of a run-down of changes, you’ll get actionable information that you can bring to your counseling conversations.

Resource: FAFSA Changes: A Guide for Counselors

Here’s a quick reference guide that summarizes FAFSA changes by how they impact your families. Get your copy and please share with colleagues.

Video: How to apply for the PSLF waiver

This PSLF waiver, open only until October 31, 2022, allows counselors to get credit for past student loan payments to count toward the 120 payments needed for Public Service Loan Forgiveness. Even if you haven’t applied in the past, now is your chance to get closer to having your federal student loans forgiven given your public service!