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Video: FAFSA Changes: A Guide for Counselors

UPDATE June 2021: Department of Education announced that the rollout of FAFSA changes has been delayed until Financial Aid Year 2024-25

There is a lot of buzz in the college counseling world about the upcoming changes to FAFSA. Sure, it’s shorter, but what do these changes actually mean for your families? Your single parents? Your families with multiple students? Your families currently on financial aid?

Watch this 23-minute video recap to learn how the new FAFSA will impact financial aid eligibility for your different family types. Instead of a run down of changes, you’ll get actionable information that you can bring to your counseling conversations.

Resource: FAFSA Changes: A Guide for Counselors

I’ve also developed a quick reference guide that summarizes FAFSA changes by how they impact your families. Get your copy and please share with colleagues.