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My mission is to work with students and families of all economic backgrounds on affording the college dream. Let me create a program of services that fits your budget and show you how to get more money and invest in college more wisely.

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Paul Martin

A little more about me…

Growing up

I’m a first-generation college graduate who had to figure out the entire college application – and financial aid – process on my own.  I attended a diverse public school in the nation’s 4th largest school district (Miami-Dade Florida), with only one college counselor for over 750 Seniors. As a self-proclaimed nerd, I did the research and created the spreadsheets to maximize my award letters.


After graduating from Harvard College, I completed my Masters at MIT and launched a start-up called CommonCampus, aggregating financial aid data from every U.S. university and making it available to high school counselors nationwide.  Now, I am bringing that knowledge directly to students and their families.

I work with 35 independent schools nationwide to offer his curriculum and individual advising to students of diverse economic backgrounds. I serve as an advisor to Miami-Dade and Broward School Districts on how to support the students through the financial aid process.


I’m a member of the National College Advocacy Group, a non-profit organization comprised of financial planners focusing on both college access and affordability.

I am deeply engaged with first-generation students at my alma maters as both a mentor and financial coach.  I know how important it is for first-gen students to have role models to map out the new terrains of succeeding in college and creating a life full of opportunity. 

I served as President of First Generation Harvard Alumni, and I’m the Founder of First Generation Alumni of MIT.  In both of these leadership roles, I work across campus organizations, including Admissions and Financial Aid, to advocate for first-generation students’ financial well-being.